Genre: A slice-of-life, ensemble, dark comedy in the same irreverent, truthful
and character–revealing spirit as THE BIG CHILL, DEATH AT A FUNERAL

Logline: When Jack Fitzpatrick finally croaks, his less-than-tightly-knit kin gather together for a tense and secret-spilling weekend at Jack’s Own Hole - his run-down fishing camp in Tom’s River, New Jersey – where the challenge of getting along with each other is only surpassed by having to carry-out Jack’s last wishes, including his peculiar, not-to-mention, illegal burial request.

Synopsis: Jack Fitzpatrick is dead at 69. His four, petty, emotionally-stunted, grown children, estranged ex-wife, aging rock-star sister, and a few other controversial guests are forced to put up with each other at Jack’s buggy, dilapidated fishing camp, in a remote part of South Jersey, while they carry-out Jack’s last wishes. A hard-drinking, chain-smoking, fly-fishing, man's man, Jack was not an easy person to get along with according to most of his children and ex. The thing is, he was in-the-closet for years, and a bit eccentric, to say the least. A Korean War Navy veteran, Jack had always wanted a burial at sea., but to the disgust and distress of his family, is willing to settle for the middle of his beloved fishing lake instead, and makes those demands in his last will and testament. To make matters worse, he's left the run-down camp to his kids, but the main house on the property to Albert, finally revealed to be his lover of several years. So, is it any wonder that this already dysfunctional, Irish-American family doesn't implode in what is probably the longest, most emotionally grueling weekend of their lives? Instead, they all leave JACK'S OWN HOLE as better people -- a miracle in itself... or maybe Jack's plan all along.

A dysfunctional, ensemble comedy in the spirit of THE BIG CHILL and THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS about death and dealing with one’s own mortality the Irish-American way.

Jane, Jack's youngest daughter never stopped being a tomboy. In her mid-thirties, she's a foreign correspondent, opting to travel the world in search of the adrenaline rush of a sensational scoop, rather than be around her family.

Kathleen, Jack's oldest, is obsessed with wealth and status. At war with her own teen-aged daughter, she's in utter denial about Jack's dirty little secret, and wants to turn Jack's fishing camp into a swinging senior community for ageing Baby Boomers.

Paul, Kathleen’s Jewish husband, is a nice guy constantly trying to mediate and placate Kathleen’s conflicts with her daughter, her family and her own sense of inadequacy.

Tabitha, Paul and Kathleen’s teen-aged daughter. A talented singer-songwriter, she at constant odds with her mother, who consider her musical aspirations as frivolous and is bent on pushing her into a medical career.

Ronnie, Jack's second child, is married and has two little girls, yet considers his life a failure. A recovering alcoholic, Ronnie's barely keeping his construction business from going under.

Lilly, Ronnie’s wife is the consummate peace-maker. Polite and considerate. Always trying to smooth things out.

Greg, Ronnie's younger brother, is a typical over-achiever. A high-powered Washington, DC attorney, he's hell-bent on climbing the political ladder all the way to the White House -- no matter what the cost. He has not seen or spoken to Jack for over ten years.

Sherie, Jack's ageing rocker of a sister, is a full-fledged cougar, if a little past her prime. Kathleen’s contemporary, she’s Tabitha’s chosen role model, much to Kathleen’s distress.

Father Kinney, a childhood family friend, has come to perform Jack's service. Kinney's struggling with his faith, particularly his vow of celibacy. A struggle which is made all the harder when he reconnects with Kathleen, the object of his adolescent lust way back when.

Eduardo, the camp's caretaker has been working for Jack for several years. A former attorney in his native Colombia, he was forced to leave when Jane published information he shared with her in confidence, which, in turn, exposes him as the source and places his life in danger.

Albert is Jack's nurse. Dying of cancer for the last three years, Jack was a miserable patient, yet he and Albert became much more than friends.

Mo, Jack's ex-wife is still bitter about their divorce ten years earlier. A psychologist, she's controlling and condescending. She's come to make sure Jack is dead.