Artist's Statement:

Welcome to my web gallery.  The pieces you are about to experience, which have been laid out for simple viewing by my incredibly supportive husband, are a reflection of my lifelong passion for storytelling.   As a kid, I always looked at people and places from a storyteller’s perspective.   The games I played, and the daydreams I conjured were all the transports into the lives of those human beings and locations I didn’t know, yet I could only imagine.  Eventually, the writer in me emerged. 

For over 20 years, I have dedicated myself to the craft of storytelling as a playwright, screenwriter and filmmaker.  As a writer, the visual power of theatre, television and film are so compelling to me because these mediums offer the capability of delivering the emotional context of a person, a place, an event – the story – in an immediate and deeper way.  As a visual storyteller, I have always sought projects who’s characters and situations move me emotionally and stimulate my thinking to want to understand their “world” at a more spiritual level.  For me, this clarity of vision is my own recipe, my own life-long exercise for comprehending more fully the meaning of the words compassion, appreciation and unification of the human spirit.  It is my greatest hope that my paintings, like a good story, draw you into an emotional world – one that stimulates thought, and most of all, makes you wonder and wander in your imagination to good-feeling, peaceful and soul-expanding places.

All of my images are created from photo composites that I have shot myself, as well as photo contributions from other sources.  

After you’ve strolled (scrolled rather) through the gallery, and if you are so inclined, I would love to hear from you.  Feedback inspires me in new directions, and as a writer who paints and a painter who writes, it’s my joyous job to keep growing as a purposeful storyteller.

Also, I want to express my sincerest and heartfelt gratitude to those of you who have purchased my work in the past.  Your acquisition of my paintings has been invaluable to my confidence, my credibility, and the launching of this painter’s journey I have found myself on in recent years.   And such an adventure it’s been.  I can not thank you enough!

Wishing you all much joy, peace, prosperity and love,

M.E. (Beth) Dolan

M. E. Dolan lives in the San Gabriel Foothills of Los Angeles with her business partner and husband, Cuban-born writer/director, Luis Remesar.  Together, they run their film/digital video production company Coyote Pass Productions.

M. E. Dolan has just completed "BEING ME - A guide to the other side of grief and other joyous life survival techniques", the first of her inspirational/spiritual non-fiction series. For more information about this new book, please visit: BEING ME



If a movie speaks a thousand words and emotions, I’ve only just begun painting them.  This on-going series of images and impressions from Havana are taken from photograph stills of the documentary footage Luis and I shot in 1999, in Cuba, when he reunited with his country of birth and his father for the first time in over 30 years. 

For more information about the documentary “Regreso” please visit our home page at: Coyote Pass Productions.



As you saw in much of the “With Love From Havana” series, all the shades and colors of solitude and simplicity seem to be the attraction for me in this on-going series which features characters suspended in emotional and physical time.

“FROM ITALY” series…


I’ve never been so struck by the architectural beauty of a country as I was in Italy.  The age, the details, the earthen materials, all the portals, windows and doors were so beckoning to me.  I truly felt the soul of these structures, which continues to inspire me to paint these kinds of places.