Original Pilot Scripts:



A Latino GODFATHER for television. This one-hour dramatic pilot features an immigrant Cuban family in New York running a successful construction business. Three distinct generations, their vastly different outlooks and values foster the conflicts that threaten to tear them apart.




This half-hour dramady pilot is an inter-cultural WONDER YEARS. A female, coming-of-age story, ALWAYS THERE weaves the past (told through the deceased Jodie's diary) and the present as it parallels the friendship of two thirteen year-olds, Irish-American, Ellen and Cuban immigrant, Jodie, coping with adolescence in 1978, with the relationship of an adult Ellen and her own thirteen year-old daughter, Meg, in the new millenium.




A half-hour situation comedy (for film), dealing with modern, intercultural relationships, best described as a MAD ABOUT YOU meets I LOVE LUCY. Roberta, a thirty-something, strong-willed and passionate redhead, is married to Cuban-American comic, Izrael "Iz" Diaz, mid-thirties, handsome, level-headed, with a knack for finding the humor in every experience. After years of struggling, the Diaz's have finally made it. Iz owns a successful comedy club and Robbie has returned to college to finish her education.


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An animated comedy series geared to an adult audience, about a clash of cultures within a bilingual, dysfunctional family.   A microcosm of the ever-bubbling melting pot that is modern American society, the series aims to expand minds and educate by lampooning prejudicial isms (racism, sexism, etc.), stereotypes, ignorance and assumptions, as well as social, political and ethical issues with a heaping dose of irreverence.