(Going Back)


A 57 minute documentary about Cuban filmmaker Luis Remesar's return visit to Havana to reunite with his country, his father, and other members of his family for the first time in over 30 years.

A very personal and contemporary diary, "REGRESO" documents Luis' return to Havana, the city of his birth -- exactly 38 years to the day of his leaving. It's while in Havana - a once beautiful metropolis destroyed by 40 years of neglect - that Luis connects deeply with a culture and a spirit of people he left behind as a young boy.

With the use of honest and haunting footage, authentic Cuban music, as well as up-close and intimate interviews with his own father -- at 74 still a committed Revolutionary -- as well as the "baby boomers" of the regime, Luis and his producing partners, Beth Dolan and Glenn Morrissey weave a compassionate, all-encompassing, inspiring "fly-on-the-wall" look at the political, emotional, spiritual, and physical state of Cuba today.



"A film that brings home the themes of Cuban life, shattered families, and reconciliation, and in doing so, movingly touches to the core."

Ann Louise Bardach
George Magazine

"A uniquely brave and generous film."

Betsy Cramer
Reviewer/Santa Barbara IFF

"It touched me from the moment it started until the moment it ended. This film captures the spirit of the Cuban people in a way that even "Buena Vista Social Club" tried to, but in my opinion, didn't fully achieve."

Darlene Camaaño
President NALA Films