A sci-fi, action adventure

Story Synopsis

Lincoln Hyer is not a typical five-year-old.  The fact is he’s special.   The accidental product of a secret genetics-engineering program using alien technology, Lincoln may very well be the next leap forward in human evolution. 

Damon Keeper, the ruthless director of ATLAS (Advanced Technologies Laboratory for Alien Studies) is bent on developing the ultimate human weapon.   Keeper has so far created an army of super soldiers capable of passing through solid matter by chemically altering their DNA.  While these warriors are nearly invincible, they unfortunately are also sterile.  So, when one of them sires a child – Lincoln – it comes as a total surprise.

News of Lincoln’s existence, five years after his birth, with his extraordinary and unique abilities, makes him a research necessity. His capture is essential and becomes an obsession for Keeper.

After Lincoln’s parents are murdered by an ATLAS detail, during a failed kidnapping attempt, a burnt-out Detective Alton Deevers takes it on himself to protect the little boy. 

When ATLAS brutally storms the Medical Examiner’s office to retrieve the corpses of Linlcoln’s parents, only the Chief Medical Examiner Gail Sanchez escapes with her life.  She joins Lincoln and Deevers as the trio attempt to stay one step ahead of Keeper’s troops.

Lincoln is eventually captured and brought to the ATLAS headquarters to be examined and possibly dissected.   Deevers and Sanchez, with the aid of ex-ATLAS soldiers, stage an assault on the facility to save the boy.

Their success in rescuing Lincoln could determine the future of mankind.