That Look Like A Million Bucks Don't Have To Cost An Arm And A Leg.



Having been a working actor for over fifteen years, I know that every actor’s needs are unique to where they are along their career path. For most, a killer two-and-a-half minute reel will fit the bill nicely. Some with a wealth of current material, may want a one minute “sizzle” reel in addition to the main acting reel. Some may opt for separate dramatic and comedic reels. Some may find a need for separate theatrical and commercial reels. You decide what you want and I will help you design it and put it together.


My rate is $60 per hour, with a minimum of one hour. If you come fully prepared (see checklist below), we should be able to design, edit and output your reel in under four hours. (I prorate my hours in 20 minute increments). We never compromise quality. It’s your level of preparation that’ll save you money.



1) A DVD Master of your edited 2 to 3 minute reel, with your headshot and contact information on the main,
one-button menu.

2) A full resolution QuickTime Movie on a DVD-ROM for you to compress as you wish and/or post as is on sites like YouTube, FaceBook or your own webpage.



Here’s what you need to prepare:

1) VIDEO: Pick your best 3 to 5 scenes. Note exactly where they are on the tape or DVD. Write down the timecode if you can. If you want to include a montage at the end of the reel note exactly where those images
are also. (A word about montages: You only have 2 to 3 minutes of the casting director and/or producer’s attention, unless you have some very interesting and varied looks, the time would be better served displaying your artistry and craft.)

2) MUSIC: Pick 3 pieces of music (on CD) that best reflect your personality – how you want to be seen as an artist. Music that reflects your energy signature to intro and outro the reel can go a long way toward engaging the viewer.

3) Your current headshot.



1) We’ll have an initial consultation on the phone and we’ll schedule a time for you to come in.
2) On the scheduled date, come to my office with all your materials prepared and organized.
3) We’ll input the material into the edit system and design and edit the reel.
4) Once you’re happy with the reel, we’ll design and burn the DVD Master and Burn the QuickTime file onto another DVD.



Our editing system can ingest MiniDV tapes, DVCam tapes, S-VHS and VHS tapes and of course digital files off hard disk or CF cards. We can also extract video from non-copy protected DVDs. Any other formats will have to be converted to MiniDV tape or a full resolution QuickTime file.

Your project file will be archived, so if you want to make changes to the reel in the future we don’t have to start from scratch.


Call or email today: (626) 248-8056 Luis Remesar